Listen to America: A HuffPost Road Trip

Listen to America: A HuffPost Road Trip

Listen to America: A HuffPost Road Trip

During the fall of 2017, HuffPost sent a team of reporters to 20-plus states to hear from under-heard Americans and find out: What does it mean to be American today?

The HuffPost Road Trip, entitled “Listen to America”, was developed by Peak XV in collaboration with HuffPost. The seven-week inspirational journey created the opportunity for HuffPost to meet Americans outside of their readership, listen to their stories, and take the first crucial step in rebuilding trust in today’s media.

Peak XV converted a tour bus into a mobile video studio, capturing conversations with people of all ages and backgrounds. The reaction was so positive, that we had to expand recording capabilities into tents outside the bus. Each stop also included a forum that expanded the dialogue on community hot-button topics and invited participation from all in attendance.

By partnering with local community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, and local businesses, Peak XV ensured that HuffPost journalists could experience a genuine dialogue and introduce themselves to a location in an authentic, unscripted way.

Listen to America 2017 map

The road trip traveled over 7,000 miles taking approx 39,000 photos and videos,
listening to more than 1729 people in 1,556 interviews…and there was a drone.

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Photography / Videography credits: Adam Schultz, Damon Dahlen, Michael Pace