WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2016
/PRNewswire/ — The PeakXV founders-produced Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting is one of the nation’s top 100 events. Bizbash, the nation’s main source for ideas and resources for event and meeting professionals, added CGI’s 2016 Annual Meeting to its list of 100 best events in the United States, and called it the top current-affairs oriented event in New York and the second best nationally in the category. The list put the PeakXV founders-produced 2016 Annual Meeting in the company of some of the country’s premier events including South by Southwest, the Academy Awards, New York Fashion Week, and Comic Con. The current affairs category included the State of the Union and White House Correspondent’s dinner.

“I am proud of the work the CGI team and Peak XV’s founders have done to make CGI the world’s most impactful place for world leaders to make commitments to address society’s greatest global challenges,” Bob Harrison, CGI’s chief executive officer, said.

The 2016 CGI Annual Meeting featured a number of Peak XV’s innovative production elements. Prior to this year’s closing address in which President Clinton delivered a major speech on the history and future of his post-presidency, CGI pioneered the use of the town-hall style round to engage audiences during its closing session. Other notable production elements Wayne and Poncher successfully implemented over CGI’s 12-year run included linking President Clinton to a NASA astronaut orbiting the Earth aboard the International Space Station, and a one-on-one “Conversation of Courage” interview between Charlie Rose and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who participated in the event via a livestream from her home while under house arrest as a political prisoner.

Peak XV is a new collaboration between CWA’s Chris Wayne and Roundboxx’s Mark Poncher, who have teamed up informally for the last 12 years to produce 29 major CGI events around the world, including the annual meeting in New York. PeakXV’s principals have also planned major CGI gatherings in Hong Kong; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Marrakesh, Morocco; New Orleans, Louisiana; Austin, Texas; Miami, Florida; San Diego, California; St. Louis, Missouri; and Washington, DC.